1. We just lost a buyer over two small discoveries at the inspection. How can home inspection outcomes be improved?

     Reader Question: We just lost a buyer over two inconsequential discoveries by the home inspector. Our agent told us the buyer was edgy, and were afraid they would inherit more problems in the future because the discovery created the impression we hadn’t taken care of the house. We have had other friends with inspection issues. […]

  2. Satisfying contract contingencies

    Satisfying contract contingencies Home buying contingencies are contractual requirements stating specific conditions upon which the closing of the purchase is dependent. Because a home is an expensive and complex structure, it is often difficult or costly to address all issues prior to agreeing to the terms of a purchase or sale. The practice of real […]

  3. The accepted offer

    So, you have the accepted offer, or you have accepted the counter-offer, now what? This information is not being presented to frighten or create doubt. If you chose a good agent and followed the receiving an offer advice you have reduced the risk of complications going forward. The idea here is that being fully informed […]